Starwings Shooter

Starwings Shooter is an amazing shooting game in the space with a retro 3D voxel design that includes everything an authentic Arcade game should have.


Complete the 6 worlds to get great rewards! The game tests your skill, each world will be more difficult than the last, you must face powerful enemies with a large arsenal of weapons, bosses at the end of each world with spectacular effects

Voxel style 

The design of this game is voxel, similar to other major market titles. The overall design is a retro look. We assure you that it will surprise you!


In the game you can take improvements that increase your attack power or your power to collect coins. When you get the improvements to the maximum you will activate the OVERDRIVE mode! In this mode you will destroy any enemy that gets in your way!


We will not forget this game and much less of our users, we will listen to all the feedback you give us and we will make the necessary changes to satisfy the player. We will update the game and we will include in the future new game modes, more worlds, ships ... AND MUCH MORE TO DISCOVER!

Addictive games

In the game you will have access to a store that contains a great variety of ships, all of them different and with an unique aspect, and in case you are wondering, you can get many of them completely for free!


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